At Ashford Design and Build, you don’t just get a team; you get a collaboration of people with an inherent desire to deliver the space and finish that you want.

Designing and building a new space can often be seen as a painful process. It doesn’t need to be and nor should it be. With a shared vision and clear communication the process can actually be enjoyable.


Yes, there will be decisions to overcome but achieving the perfect solution for you is of paramount importance. That solution will always be based on what works best for you and your property and never what is easiest for us.



By combining talents for design, project management, building  and of course an eye for detail, our process is proven to deliver. Whether it's an extension, renovation or commercial build we are confident we can add value.




The starting point


We design. We work with designers. We collaborate. We understand that design is so important and so personal to you, and whether you decide to choose your own architect or allow us to manage the entire end-to-end process, we promise to own the project from the moment we start. We will continually strive to make the most of each opportunity and bring out the best in every property.

The building process


Yes it can be a bit dusty, but that’s building! It’s a necessary step in shaping your home. There will be lots of decisions to be made and a few head scratchers but nothing that can’t be overcome. We take pride in communicating as much or as little as you want. Our team will help shape the vision and bring it to life for you. Everyone takes responsibility for their contribution to the project and we have proven that shared ownership delivers a better result.

The Finish


Getting to the finish line is not only about delivering on time and on budget, but it’s also about ensuring that what you live with every day, is as perfect as it can be. We always have your end vision in mind whether contemporary, modern or eclectic. It’s not just about the colour schemes, it’s about everything you interact with and how it works for you.

Getting Value for Money


We know that cost counts and our experience means we know where costs can be more effectively managed and where we will need to spend. Any project is an investment and our aim is always to  help you get the best return.

Communication is key


Our philosophy is simple - everything can be solved over the phone or better still over a cuppa. Everyone works remotely, but everyone remains connected, so we ensure everyone can - and does – communicate regularly to close the gaps.


Be it an initial idea or a completely designed project, we love what we do and channel this enthusiasm into our work and our clients visions.


If you like what you see and are keen to find out more, please contact us to discover how we can help make the most of your plans.

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